Leading In Sustainability

AEX Convention Services is committed to the environment and sustainability. Long before it became fashionable in our industry, in 2004, we invested heavily in solar energy panels, reducing our energy to net zero usage. Inspired by ESCA’s Sustainability Position Statement, we’re aware of our environmental impact and dedicated to long-term sustainability. By signing the Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative, we aim to minimize our environmental impact, advocate for energy conservation, and set the standard for sustainability in the exhibition industry.

Our Objectives:

  • Achieve carbon neutrality
  • Promote sustainable practices
  • Make a positive community impact
  • Lead the industry in sustainability
  • Ensure continuous improvement

What We Do:

  • Provide education and training
  • Form sustainable partnerships
  • Ensure transparency
  • Integrate sustainability into daily operations

We’re not just setting goals; we’re rigorously implementing them and holding ourselves accountable. We invite our members and partners to join us on the journey to a more sustainable future for the exhibition industry.



Explore sustainable trade show flooring with Emerald Carpets’ whitepaper, emphasizing reuse over recycling. As our key industry partner, they provide quality and sustainable carpets, contributing to aesthetics, acoustics, and safety at events.

Emerald invests in innovative technologies for enhanced carpet life cycles and recyclability. While alternative flooring options exist, carpets remain the most sustainable choice, contributing to acoustics, comfort, ambiance, and health and safety at trade shows.

  • Shift towards more experiential spaces
  • Focus on quality for longevity
  • Advocate for responsible disposal and repurposing
  • U.S. carpets' superior sustainability due to reusability

Applauding the industry’s focus on reuse, the whitepaper reinforces the delicate balance between business and sustainability, highlighting the pivotal role of carpets. Join us in prioritizing sustainability at AEX Convention Services.