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At AEX we’re the trade show event management experts you can rely on.

Elevate your brand, engage your audience, and maximize your trade show or expo experience with AEX Services. We’re your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life, turning your booth or event into a captivating destination, and ensuring your event stands out from the rest.



Event Management

Event Planning

AEX handles every aspect of event coordination, from initial planning and budgeting to scheduling and logistics, ensuring that your event is meticulously organized and executed to perfection.

Expo Management

Finding the perfect venue for your event is crucial to its success. AEX assists you in selecting an ideal venue that meets your requirements and complements the theme and objectives of your event.

Design & Setup

AEX team manages the complete setup process, including layout design, seating arrangements, and stage setup, ensuring that your venue reflects the ambiance and atmosphere you envision.

Technology Integration

Managing technical setups and addressing last-minute adjustments, AEX handles all onsite coordination and operational tasks, allowing you to focus on delivering a successful event experience. 

Vendor Coordination

AEX streamlines the process by overseeing vendor selection, negotiation, and contract management, ensuring that you have access to reliable and high-quality services. 

Logistic & Operation

AEX’s comprehensive logistics management services include transportation, equipment setup, and material handling, guaranteeing that all necessary resources are delivered and managed effectively.

Event Success

At AEX Convention Services, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive event management solutions that reflect our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Let's Make Your Event A Success!

Our goal is to ensure that your event is executed seamlessly and that every aspect of your vision is brought to life with precision and care. Contact us today and let’s collaborate to create an extraordinary trade show that stands out in your industry. Your journey to a remarkable trade show starts here.