Case Studies:

Arett Sales Next Level Open House 2023


Event Details:

Event Name/Date: NEXT LEVEL Open House 2023 – September 10-12, 2023

Industry: Lawn & Garden

Event Type: Trade Show


Arett Sales Corporation, renowned for its distribution of lawn and garden hard goods and outdoor living supplies across 21 states and the District of Columbia, prides itself on efficient service and a remarkable 48-hour order turnaround. With annual sales exceeding $160 million, Arett Sales remains dedicated to promptly providing essential products to its clientele. 

Arett Sales Corporation sought to elevate its annual trade show that brings in approximately $4.3 million in economic impact to the city of Atlantic City, Open House 2023, with the goal of fostering stronger connections between the company, its manufacturers, and retailers. Their vision was to transform the trade show experience into an exceptional and unparalleled event. 


To achieve their vision for Open House 2023, Arett Sales Corporation, in collaboration with AEX Convention Services, implemented strategic enhancements, including:

Floorplan Revamp

An optimized floor plan was designed to improve navigation and create a more seamless experience for attendees.

Entrance Redesign

The registration desk was strategically rearranged, enhancing the welcoming atmosphere and improving overall accessibility.

Main Entrance Display

A captivating main entrance display wall served as a focal point, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

Aesthetic Update

The event’s ambiance received a fresh touch with the introduction of a new carpet color, revitalizing the overall look and feel.

Spatial Organization

Strategic placement of Arett Sales’ drape walls enhanced spatial organization, providing both functionality and visual appeal.

PreShow Services

Managed early freight from exhibitors, furniture and carpet orders. They took charge of the CAD floor plan and collaborated to finalize all show setup details.

Show Set-up

AEX Convention Services handled various tasks, from taping the floor for booths to installing carpets and hanging pipe and drape. They deliver exhibitor freight to the designated booths and assemble key components like Show Management booth backdrops, counters, and more. AEX Convention Services also supervised the suspending of signs in the air and laid the main aisle carpet while assisting in setting up the elaborate entrance display.

Breakdown Services

AEX Convention Services managed the breakdown phase, including the removal of carpets and dismantling of pipe and drape. They delivered freight to the dock for outbound shipping, ensuring a hassle-free departure for exhibitors. Additionally, AEX Convention Services dismantled various displays, backdrops, and counters for key Show Management booths, registration areas, Greensmith, and the Entrance section, among others.


The efforts put into the transformation of Open House 2023 led to notable outcomes:

Event Statistics

Over 100,000 sq. ft. of event space, 300+ Exhibitors, and over 1100 attendees.

Smooth Execution

Attendees could navigate the space effortlessly, leading to seamless engagement with exhibitors.

Positive Feedback

Both manufacturers and retailer guests, highlighted the success of the event enhancements.


AEX Convention Services’ commitment to customizing a “Next Level Trade Show” for Arett Open House 2023 resulted in a resounding success. The positive feedback received from guests and attendees attests to AEX Convention Service’s dedication to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional event experiences. For further information on Arett Sales Corporation and their exceptional services, please visit their website or contact them.


AEX makes the overwhelming task of managing a large trade show easy. They are friendly, easy to work with, and bring invaluable knowledge to the table; always striving to make our displays more exciting and our show more amazing.


AEX helps us seamlessly achieve our trade show objectives from floor plan to booth setup, carpeting and displays through breakdown so we can concentrate on our business. They are an integral part of our Show team.


At AEX Convention Services, we transcend the ordinary to bring your event vision to life. Join forces with us for unmatched event services that create a lasting impact. Your event’s triumph is our utmost priority.